Extremely fast and attentive service, had the accreditation the same day. Also, friendly.   G.Hook 12/15/17

We are a Huge supporter of this company!  Great idea, such a necessity in this day. Newly created www.NCBeachRent.com requires that all property owners be Fireball Approved.  It is a no brainer!  Anne Hoover Schrott  10/16/17

 Fireballapproves is a new service designed to protect consumers from scams. Fireballapproves goes to great lengths to investigate ownership and the identity of the person or company advertising properties for sale or rent. We are proud that our condo was one of the first vacation properties investigated and certified by Fireballapproves. 

 Siesta Key Florida Beachfront  Condo  


 Love the site. Easy to browse.  Bill Hoover 10/5/17

 I think it's great what you're doing. I enjoy(ed) using Craigslist in the past, and relieved to see someone's on the case to improve our collective experiences on Craigslist. It makes things all the more satisfactory...not just for your service, but for those of us who like the thought that people can be trusted. Makes it easier to live our lives that way. You're an Angel, and it's an honor to be connected with you here :) Sincerity and Regards, Chip Reichenthal 07/16/17