How much is your peace of mind worth?

$19 will save you thousands!

Our mission is to keep you safe by ensuring you are dealing with the actual owner of the home or vehicle.  We also make sure the businesses you hire are licensed and insured. 

Fireball Approves is the FIRST and ONLY service that uses tools not available to the public.  

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scam prevention

Verification Products

Are you interested in renting a property?  Buying vehicle from an unknown individual?

Are you hiring a business?

$19 to save you thousands! 

scam prevention

Owner Products

Are you a property owner looking for approval?  Do you want to give your tenants/guests peace of mind they are not dealing with an imposter?

$99 a year, we will vouch for your ownership.

Craigslist Shoppers

Scam Prevention when shopping Craigslist


scam prevention

View our approved rental homes

scam prevention

Report your stolen vehicle

When your vehicle is being sold - we will notify you and your local law enforcement.

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Important information

When you request an inquiry order, you will be directed to our ordering page at: https://fireballapproves.wufoo.com 

Money-Back Guarantee for all of our services

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